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Abstract digital art with scannable code, symbolizing the immersive virtual art world of the Q-ART Code project.

QART CODE is a virtual art platform that merges the natural and built environment around us.

Each QART code is connected to a specific location in which it was inspired. The viewer is welcomed into an imaginary world, encouraged to challenge their own perspective and enjoy the experience. It’s an outdoor gallery accessible to everyone.


Carnet Sonore is a unique collection of visual and audio stories, captured in a sketchbook format. Each piece is a personal reflection of my relationship with the world, and an invitation for others to experience and connect with those moments.

Open sketchbook with various drawings and notes, showcasing the intimate and personal nature of the Carnet Sonore project.
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As an illustrator with over a decade of experience, I've been privileged to work with a diverse range of clients and projects. In addition, I've recently served as a marketing manager for a local art school.


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Rémy Coutarel (They/Them) is an illustrator and cartoonist originally from France, born in July 1987. With over a decade of experience in illustration and graphic design, Rémy is dedicated to creating art that tells meaningful stories and sparks conversations about the human experience. Their style is a unique blend of the rich storytelling and visual aesthetics of the European bande dessinée and the bold, edgy essence of the U.S alternative comics scene.


Currently, Rémy is working on several exciting projects, including "Immigration Story," a comic book compiling the unique journeys of immigrants based on interviews, "QART CODE," a virtual art platform that merges the natural and built environment around us, and "Carnet Sonore," a collection of visual and audio pieces in a sketchbook format.


In addition to their ongoing projects, Rémy also welcomes commissions for illustrations, graphic design, and web design. They are enthusiastic about collaborating with clients and fellow artists to create art that is meaningful and inclusive. Whether it's bringing illustrations to life, designing visually appealing graphics, or crafting engaging websites, Rémy is dedicated to helping you translate your ideas and messages through their art. Feel free to connect with Rémy to discuss your vision and explore the possibilities of creating something amazing together!


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